Truancy is any intentional, unjustified, unauthorized, or illegal absence from compulsory education. It is a deliberate absence by a student's own free will and usually does not refer to legitimate excused absences, such as ones related to medical. noun absence, shirking, skiving (Brit. slang), malingering, absence without leave Schools need to reduce levels of truancy. Collins Thesaurus of the English. SKIPPING CLASS: AN ANALYSIS OF ABSENTEEISM AMONG. FIRST-YEAR COLLEGE STUDENTS*. GARY WYATT. Emporia State University. This study explored class absenteeism. Skipping Class. Track cover art. Similar tracks. Welcome to Fantasy Land · Birdies · Catching the L Train · Joe E. Lee · Whipping Butter. If participation points are measured in attendance, comments during lectures, or other in-person actions, skipping class means losing out on those points. Even. Few students in high-performing school systems skip classes or days of school. • For students in OECD countries, skipping classes is associated with a point. Skipping class can sometimes benefit your mental health. | The Trojan Torch. This is written for the hustlers, the strugglers. While skipping class seems like a harmless act, succumbing to the back-to-school blues can be more harmful than you think. Skipping or cutting classes is an unjustified or unreasonable absence of all or part of a class or classes by a student. Attendance of classes is not an. As for my “college education,” I skipped more classes than I can count. It seems like we've fostered an environment where skipping class is okay.