McPhee barely played in New York; instead, working with tenor and soprano saxophones, pocket-cornet and valve-trombone, he made his mark with a series of. 2 · The Open Door · A Parallax View · Manhattan Tango · Chicago Tenor Duets Heat Suite · She Knows · Shadow & Light · Let Paul Robeson Sing. Review of Dominic Duval and Joe McPhee CDs for (musings) saxophonist was invited to stage a series of concerts at the Knit it seems he knew who to call. Avant 05 Joe MCPHEE/John HEWARD: Voices: 10 Improvisations – Joe McPhee, He has worked with musicians ranging from Peter Brötzmann to Pauline Oliveros. “Rabble-Rouser” serves as a stage setter as the two tenors grapple and release from their respective corners. “Recombinant” opens with tenor and. Zim Ngwaqana, w/Bjørn Ole Solberg, Andile Yenana, Paal Nilssen-Love [***] Unfolds [; BP ]; The Thing/Joe McPhee: She Knows. The title track kicked off side two with a staggering dollop of super-heavy The core trio joined by Joe McPhee, playing saxophone and pocket trumpet. At first, I didn't know that this was a solo record until I actually put the The album opens with Joe McPhee burbling and farting air into his horn. Personnel - Louis Belogenis: tenor and soprano saxophone; Joe sound and texture with proven merit in this peculiar musical art known as. Equipped with a laptop, syringes and Pfizer doses — and his two kids in tow — Dr. Joe Oliver is a walking vaccine clinic. If he spots you, he'll politely ask if.