Goodbye Texas (, United States); Avenger, The (); Adiós, Roy Colt E Winchester Jack Roy Colt (Piero Umiliani - Carlo Bixio) (). Manomozza is discovered - Original Soundtrack from "Piedone lo sbirro"Guido E Maurizio De Roy Colt e Winchester Jack - Pt. 12Piero Umiliani The music is the real star: Piero Umliani's partially bossa nova score hits a satirical target the movie can't. (The main credits track is also great, the kind. soundtrack by Maestro Umiliani. I can also recommend "La ragazza dalla pelle di luna", "Il Corpo" and "Roy Colt & Winchester Jack". Roy Colt & Winchester Jack - Piero Umiliani · Il Carpo - Piero Umiliani · Malizie di Venere - Piero Umiliani · Mah nà mah nà (The Original Mixes EP). Listen to 5 Bambole Per la Luna d'Agosto [Original Soundtrack] by Piero Umiliani on Album by Piero Umiliani Roy Colt & Winchester JackPiero Umiliani. It feels like a first draft, with many scenes feeling rushed or unfinished. This quickie enterprise is capped with a pretty bad musical score by Piero Umiliani. Angeli Neri by Piero Umiliani released in Soundtrack / Format. - / Label Piero Umiliani - Roy Colt e Winchester Jack. Buy The Boston Pops Orchestra, John Williams The Sound Of Glory Cassette at Piero Umiliani. Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (Original Soundtrack). Original motion picture soundtrack composed by Daniele Patucchi for the movie Black Killer Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (CD).. Composer: Piero Umiliani.