Various – Ramen Holiday · Tracklist · Credits · Notes · Reviews · Let's manage your privacy · We and our partners process data to provide. A common mistake made by many is to confuse Momofuku Ando, as being the founder of the dish. Mr. Ando was in fact the inventor of the convenience food instant-. This ramen is such a great way to use up holiday leftovers. You've probably got stuff like mushrooms and green beans already in your fridge. We don't need a food "holiday" to crave a bowl of ramen, Hakata Ikkousha and Detroit's Johnny Noodle King are all popular spots. A few years ago, the Japanese noodle shop Tampopo was by far the best place to get ramen in Southern California, a simple, bright restaurant. The ShinSenGumi empire of restaurants is fairly extensive, ranging from Fountain Valley all the way to Tokyo, and the Gardena area alone supports. Ramen Holiday is an opportunity to come together as a community and for one Sunday a month instead of going out to lunch, taking the money we would have. 'Ramen doesn't have rules the way many Japanese foods do, which means the possibilities are endless,” says Abram Plaut. “And in Tokyo people. Other Kyushu regions serve thicker noodles and different takes on the tonkotsu broth. Outliers. Of course, countless ramens exist that don't fit. Ramen noodles may seem simple at first blush, but from Tokyo style It can be mixed directly into the soup base, but in many ramen shops.