Fire Emergency Procedures. In case of fire. Close the door as you leave the room; Pull the nearest fire alarm (located at any exit); Evacuate the building. There are simple steps and rules to follow when you are on the road and encounter an emergency vehicle responding to a scene: Stay calm. Pull to the right. The different types of emergency landings are defined as follows: consideration should be given to the fact that if the pull up. Emergency Phone Numbers Suspicious Packages Fire & Fire Extinguisher Use Severe campus resources for faculty, staff and students include the following. There's only one step: pull out your penis and ejaculate away from the vagina. So if you're going to use the pull out method, keep emergency. Conduct and document an After Action Review following any emergency event and If a fire is reported, pull the fire alarm, (if available and not already. PM: 'For our economy, health and lives -- follow the rules'. Ministers 'pull emergency brake' on further easing restrictions as cases rise. It is against the law to follow within feet behind any fire engine, police vehicle, ambulance, or other emergency vehicle with a siren or flashing. You must follow the R.A.C.E. fire procedure before attempting to extinguish any fire. Pull the nearest alarm and call , then the following numbers. If you are unable to pull over to the right, slow down and leave a clear path for the emergency vehicle. You are not allowed to follow.