to thrust with or as if with a knife or other pointed weapon: to stab at an attacker. to deliver a wound, as with a pointed weapon. noun. English Language Learners Definition of stab · to wound (someone or something) with a pointed weapon (such as a knife) · to quickly or suddenly push a pointed. STAB STAB STAB is a physics-based couch-multiplayer arena stabbing game for up to 8 players. Stab your friends until they pop in versus mode, or team up to. A stabbing is penetration or rough contact with a sharp or pointed object at close range. Stab connotes purposeful action, as by an assassin or murderer. She stabbed him three times with a kitchen knife after the argument over a family meal, Bristol Crown Court has heard. Mrs Jackson admits. Essex Police said they were called to reports of a stabbing in Leigh-on-Sea at BST and arrested a man. Police recovered a knife and said. British lawmaker David Amess has died after being stabbed multiple times on Friday at a church in southeast England. A suspect has been identified following the stabbing of a stranger with a needle, Vancouver police say. Colonic Trauma. Stab wounds and low-velocity gunshot wounds represent 85 to 95% of colon injuries in the civilian environment. The colon is injured in. The Art of the Stab [Langa, R Jamie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Art of the Stab.