We are smitten with 'Ruby Ann', which, in view of her sterling qualities, we consider a “renaissance strawberry”. Exceptional strawberry combines plentiful. Both ornamental and edible, Fragaria x ananassa 'Ruby Ann' (Everbearing Strawberry) produces abundant clusters of large, five-petaled, bright ruby-red. Strawberry 'Ruby Ann' is a real eye-catcher for its sensational ruby-red flower colour. The compact plant of Ruby Ann produces a ruby-red. Ornamental Strawberry · Red Ruby Strawberry. Phonetic Spelling: frah-GAYR-ee-ah; Description. Spreads by wire-like stolons. Hanging strawberry Ruby Ann F1 is a productive strawberry variety with a unique dark red flower color. This compact red-flowering hanging strawberry plant. Fragaria ananassa 'Ruby Ann' Strawberry combines showy flowers and delicious fruit, this everbearing strawberry can be grown as both an ornamental and. Strawberry Ruby Red Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C that should be consumed as fresh as possible. Eaten fresh or cooked, strawberries can be. strawberry 'Ruby Ann'. 'Ruby Ann' is a seed-raised everbearer, producing small flushes of fruit from late spring to early autumn. The flowers are a striking. Strawberry 'Ruby Ann' Overview This edible perennial is great for both edible fruits as well as beautiful flowers. They can be used in borders as well as. Fragaria x ananassa Red Ruby (Ornamental Strawberry) (2 Litre) (Container Garden Plant). Delivery normally all year round? SKU: P