If you are eligible for asylum you may be permitted to remain in the United States. To apply for asylum, file a Form I, Application for. To continue to keep our workforce and applicants safe during the COVID pandemic while maintaining efficiency and access to the asylum. Your asylum application and application for temporary asylum (TA) must be accepted regardless of your legal status in the Russian Federation or your ability. Who is considered a refugee? According to the Russian legislation and the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, a refugee is defined as. A refugee is a person who has fled their own country because they are at risk of serious human rights violations and persecution there. The risks to their. Refugee The definition of a refugee according to The United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees is: · Asylum seeker (person seeking asylum). Refugee claimants are different from resettled refugees. Asylum seekers make a refugee claim in Canada at a port of entry or online. Mapping asylum procedures, reception conditions, detention and content of protection in Europe. Click on the flag of a country to access a country report. Learn about EU's asylum procedure policy, including the Asylum Procedures Directive, establishing an efficient and fair procedure of processing asylum. Asylum To be granted asylum, a person must demonstrate that he or she is a “refugee,” that he or she is not barred from asylum for any of the reasons listed.